Inova Purifiers is a manufacturer of premium air purifiers for home, commercial and industrial applications. Originally founded in 2003 in Sydney, Australia. InovaAir purifiers expanded into the United States in 2013. We have a committment to manufacturing our air purifiers locally in the markets in serve.

Over the years Inova Purifiers, has developed an enviable reputation for the quality and performance of its unique range of air purifiers. All Inova purifiers are hand built from aluminum & steel (including the filters), avoid the use of plastics and only use medical-grade HEPA filters.

We believe an air purifier is only as good as the filters inside which is why our filters are not only some of the largest on the market.  We go to great lengths to protect our HEPA filters by encasing them in steel casings with air tight seals. 

Inova Purifiers has a strong commitment to research & development, and continuous improvement. 

The company’s success is based on customer satisfaction. Inova Purifiers' philosophy is to make products that exceed customer expectations, offering high-efficiency air purification solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of customers. Unlike mass produced air purifiers available at stores which follow a one size fits all approach. 

At Inova Purifiers we take a long term approach. We don't believe air purifiers are a throw away appliance designed to be around for a couple of years, we make air purifiers which are designed to last many years and back all products with a 5 year warranty.  

We look forward to helping you breathe cleaner air. 

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