The Inova Purifiers Mission Statement

Clean Air Is A Valuable Commodity In The Modern World. It Promotes Health And Well-being And Adds To Our Quality Of Life. Inova Purifiers Is An Innovative American Company Committed To Improving Indoor Air Quality By Building The World’s Best Air Purifiers.

Our Mission Helps Set The Course Our Company Will Take And The Values Under Which We Will Operate.

  • To improve indoor air quality.
  • To give people the opportunity and choice to breathe clean air, free from ultra-fine lung-damaging particles and harmful chemical air pollutants.
  • To help people with allergies, asthma and respiratory conditions to lead healthier lives by reducing exposure to airborne pollutants.
  • To manufacture world-class quality air purifiers in the United States using American-made components wherever possible.
  • To manufacture products that are environmentally responsible and sustainable, largely free from plastic and which are 100% free from styrene foams.

Focus On Customer Needs

Our Customers Are Our Biggest Asset And The Reason For Our Existence. To Succeed, We Must Fulfill The Clean Air Needs Of Our Customers By Manufacturing The World’s Best Air Purifiers – Purifiers That Are Quiet, Energy Efficient, Highly Effective And Unobtrusive.

  • Listen to our customers’ needs, and also lead and inspire them with constant innovation.
  • Provide products that exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Manufacture the highest quality medical-grade HEPA air purifiers incorporating state-of-the-art technology.
  • Produce systems that incorporate consumer-specific applications that remove particulate or chemical contaminants.

How We Do This

We Deliver High-Efficiency High-Quality Air Purification Solutions That Are Long Lasting And Perfectly Tailored To The Needs Of Customers.

  • Manufacture from powder-coated steel and aluminum.
  • Source the highest quality materials and filtration media (free from chemical off-gassing and volatile organic compounds).
  • Be committed to continuous product improvement, research and innovation.
  • Build the very best quality air purifiers that will last for decades.
  • Build products that are energy efficient.
  • Manufacture air purifiers that allow consumers to integrate our products with their living spaces quietly and unobtrusively.