Size absolutely matters when it comes to buying an air purifier.

An air purifier is only as good as the filter – both the quality of the filter and the surface area. An air purifier with a filter the size of a coffee cup, for example, has only a fraction of the surface area of a filter the size of a basket ball and therefore isn’t going to be able to filter anywhere near as much air at the same efficiency.

Remember, 99.95% filtration removal efficiencies @ 0.3 microns only apply to HEPA filters if they have the right amount of air flowing through them. What this means is a small HEPA with a high airflow will not deliver the efficiency advertised by the manufacturer, as particles will penetrate through the filter.  Therefore, the smaller the surface area of the filter, the less efficient it is. 

A filter with a large surface area can provide much higher airflow, removing all unwanted particles from the air in a single cycle, providing a better filtration rate and ultimately cleaner air, which is going to be particularly beneficial in larger rooms.

A lot of home air purifier brands in America tend to cut corners on quality of materials and design, to increase profit margins, meaning they have small, loosely fitting filters that allow significant amounts of particles to pass through without being filtered, which means the air quality is not as it could be with a bigger filter.

Our air purifiers have the largest filters in the air purification industry in America, with 30% to 70% more surface area than other leading brands in America, and 100% air tight seals.  

They are made from steel, instead of materials like plastic, with toxic chemicals that off-gas for years afterwards – defeating the purpose of buying an air purifier in the first place.

Larger filter size also means it lasts longer, therefore reducing ongoing operating costs. You can expect the filter in our home air purifier systems to last up to five years, while some other air purifier brands in America use filters that only last six months (they also don’t use pre-filters, like we do). This means that it won’t be long until the cost of replacing the filters exceeds the cost of the initial purchase.

If you want seriously clean air in your home, be sure to buy an air purifier with a filter big enough to do the job properly and save yourself money in the long term.