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InovaAir Supplies New South Wales Hospitals

InovaAir is proud to have started supplying the first Hospitals in New South Wales (NSW) with commercial air purifiers to assist with infection control measures for COVID-19.

As these were required urgently, we are working hard to reduce the lead time for custom build systems to suit specific applications and dedicated our night shift to prioritising production of these systems. 

Negative pressure air filtration in infection control settings is nothing new, but the unprecedented demand from hospitals and healthcare sectors is. Negative pressure environments are used in hospitals to help prevent the spread of infections throughout the facility whereby air is filtered and exhausted to another area, such as outside, to create negative pressure. 

It is important that healthcare workers and patients have the highest levels of air filtration possible to reduce the risk of airborne transmission from aerosols. InovaAir also manufactures freestanding recirculating systems which can be used to assist in spaces where negative pressure is not possible. 

We are glad that as an Australian manufacturer, we were able to respond quickly and we will continue to do so by prioritising the production needs of essential healthcare facilities.