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What are the benefits of having a high-efficiency air purifier?

Air purifiers remove particles from the air based on their efficiency rating. This means that a HEPA rated system with an efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns will remove all larger and smaller particles from the air, essentially rendering the air dust-free.

People with asthma and allergies will find great relief. Air purifiers designed with those conditions in mind can remove nearly all the symptom causing particles from the air. That means people who suffer from those conditions can be at ease and breathe clean air in their home or office.

Some air purifiers are designed with the ability to remove cigarette smoke and any odours in the air. Anything from harmful chemicals to pesky odours can be pulled from the air and the area with the purifier will be pleasant to breathe.

Having clean air will reduce maintenance and housekeeping tasks and even preserve the room decor. With dust levels in the air approaching zero, that leaves nothing to collect on surfaces of home decor, tables, cutlery, and dishes from the kitchen.

An air purifier can remove mould, pollen, and dust mites, which are known to be harmful to an individual’s eyes, lungs, and skin. Even capturing bacteria and viruses can prevent nasty infections and diseases. With a large amount of the potential to get sick from your own home gone, you can spend less time feeling sick and tired and more time being productive.